It all started with a summer full of campfires, stargazing, and sleeping outside.

Our Story

For 4 months we spent almost every single weekend camping. We’d pack up the truck, pile in, and head out for some quality family time. The kids embraced the adventure and all weekend long our little family played, laughed, explored… We couldn’t get enough.

The memories we made that summer will stay with us forever.

At the time, neither of us were happy in our jobs. The daily grind was wearing us down and leaving us empty. We didn’t know what we needed, exactly, but we knew we wanted more out of life.

In the fall, we managed to squeeze in one more trip. And watching the campground owners that weekend, we had an epiphany. Dan was experienced in construction. Kellie’s background was in business management. Merging the two could create something amazing!

Francis Family

Exploring the idea simply wasn’t an option.

After months of asking questions, conducting market research, and testing the waters, we took the plunge. A 71-year-old resort on the shores of Shell Lake, full of history and potential, caught our eye. It was exactly what we needed to find our wild.

After the purchase we began making improvements right away. We built a shower house, added dozens of new campsites, and grew the list of fun activities available to our guests. Ideas for how to make The Wilds Resort & Campground a family destination flooded our minds!.

Now our days are spent working side-by-side as a family. The kids are learning life skills and spending hours exploring the 45 acres of resort land. We’re working together to make The Wilds a masterpiece of outdoor adventure and relaxation.

It’s been wonderful, operating as a family unit to shape our resort. Our sincerest hope is that our own experience will pave the way for our guests to find their own wild!

Beach Sunset

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