About Us

thewildesIn early 2001, Barry and Kristy Wilde were raising their five children in southern Minnesota when the idea of buying and operating a family resort “somewhere in the Minnesota north woods area” took hold of their imagination. A vision of raising their children where nature remains truly unspoiled led them to begin researching resorts for sale, and in the autumn of that year they made the decision to purchase what is now The Wilds Resort and Campground and move their family north.

With Barry’s skill of carpentry and Kristy’s flair for decorating, they began renovating, remodeling, and redecorating the resort’s seven cabins and the lodge. In 2002, one cabin was torn down to make way for the two-story Wolves Den, the resort’s largest cabin. In 2007, the Loon’s Nest was completely remodeled.

It has always been important to Barry and Kristy that their resort is family-oriented and they strive to make it a great place to vacation with children.

Barry, Kristy and their five children (and two sons-in-law), Kelsey and husband Justin, Danielle, Brianna and husband Ethan, Jordan, and Mitchell, are happy to welcome you to The Wilds Resort and Campground.