Autumn Spectacular at The Wilds Resort

Fishing's good here in the fall of the year. Walleye, bass and pan fish are still taking the bait. Enjoy the cooler weather and catch some fish for supper, then gather round an evening campfire. The stars are bright and seem so close on a clear autumn night, away from city lights. The fallen leaves crunch underfoot, the air smells fresh and clean, and the evening calls for the donning of a sweatshirt.

Have a walk along country roads that wander through the woods around the resort and take pleasure in the sight of trees dressed in their autumn finery. Hear the geese? Look skyward and see them, southbound v's on the move to their winter retreat.

Our woodland creatures are busy this time of year, scurrying to have all in readiness for the long winter ahead. But you, my friend, have no such need to hurry. You are here at The Wilds Resort to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds the season offers.

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